Why Out Sources

Advance Estimating services is one of the largest estimating service provider in India for overseas projects. It is well versed in providing Take-off for Residential, Light Commercial and Industrial Structures for USA, Canada, UK, Australlia and Newzeland.

Benefits of outsourcing your take-off/estimation tasks:

  •       Create Time For More Important Tasks .
  •       Time to think about the bid, sharpen your pencil, talk to subs
  •       Time to meet with your clients - That extra meeting might land the job
  •       Time to manage projects you already have - the money you save there
  •       will pay for the takeoff

Save Money

  •       Use us only when you need us - Pay us only when you use us
  •       Avoid hiring new permanent staff.
  •       Manage the peaks and valleys of your estimating workload
  •       Less computer stuff to buy, learn & maintain.
  •       Better Bidding - More Bidding
  •       Bid more - get more
  •       Compare quantities with subs, recognize when their quantities are off
  •       Spend more time pricing your labor correctly than counting bricks


  •       Takeoff is prepared carefully
  •       Tricky spots are highlighted for you
  •       20+ years of experience is working for you
  •       Manage Material Costs
  •       A detailed material list is the first step to managing costs.
  •       You can show your framer how much lumber you expect him to use
  •       You can get multiple quotes on lumber and all other materials
  •       Number Yards Benefit Too
  •       Salesmen get more time to meet with customers
  •       Salesmen can spend more time learning about their full product line
  •       After initial setup the takeoff can be imported into your system

Get your Life back

  •       Play golf, ride a bike, read a book
  •       Spend time with your family