Estimating / Takeoff Services

For almost 20 years we have provided the most accurate estimates for the construction industry. With over a hundred satisfied clients across the US, Canada and Austraila who agree, we have helped construction businesses grow and become more profitable. We have a laser sharp focus on accuracy with every project being peer checked and complete list of assumptions and RFIs submitted with each project. Our takeoff format is easy to understand, so you can quickly assess the scope of work, apply your pricing and get your bid in fast. And depending on our workflow, most takeoffs can be turned around in two days!

But you don't need to trust our word. Just try us and see for yourself!

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List of Services we offer

  •       Flooring
  •       Paint
  •       Roofing
  •       Lumber
  •       Concrete
  •       Masonry
  •       Doors and windows
  •       Blinds
  •       Drywall
  •       Lighting
  •       Electrical